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Personalised Strategies

Social media strategies are developed in accordance with your comprehensive branding goals. To develop custom strategies, the team at our social media agency in Mohali conducts extensive research and monitors the competition.

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Hashtag Research

Hashtags are an important way to categorize your content. We use premium software to track the best hashtags and incorporate them into the content to reach a larger and more relevant audience.

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Transparent Partnerships

It is critical to developing strategies for showcasing your brand online. The relationship manager at our social media company in Mohali will convene meetings with you on a regular basis to keep your team up to date on all activities.


KPI-driven approach

We believe in deploying the right KPIs based on your branding and other objectives. Advanced analytics helps us in measuring the KPIs against the laid-down threshold.

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Audience Research

Do you wish to create a noisy presence in the world of social media? Certainly, such a presence will help in increasing sales and generating traffic. But in front of whom do you need to present yourself? It is your audience. And who are they? You need to make wise research to understand your audiences.

Your research needs to be based on the following characteristics of your audiences;

  • Age, Location, Education
  • Behaviour, Job title, Income level

Social Media Content Creation

Content is said to be the king in the world of social media. And certainly, you need to pay more attention to content. Content creation is certainly not a one-time thing. But you have to be regular with it. So a dedicated team of experts is needed to ensure that you always stay in the mind of your audiences through content. Your content can be anything. It can be a blog o some informative content or a newsletter too.

For creating a content strategy you need to,

  • Understand your goals and targeted audiences
  • Identify your keywords
  • Plan the content strategy
  • Measure the result
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Competitor Analysis for All Social Channels

Competition is everywhere and you need to be aware of your competitors so that you can do better than them. Performing an analysis of your competitors will always help you in understanding the strength of your opponents as well as understanding their weaknesses. A detailed competitor analysis will help you in understanding why audiences are interested in your competitor’s brand. And what exceptionality you need to bring in to attract your audiences by offering a different flavour.

A detailed competitor analysis will help you in understanding;

  • Keywords of your competitors
  • Know what your competitors are doing on different social media channels
  • Run the strength, weakness, opportunities, and threats analysis
  • Add the latest data in social media monitoring

Paid Social Media Advertising

Can you wait long for getting the desired result? Unpaid or organic advertising is certainly good but sometimes you need a little push to get to the desired point. And that is what paid social media advertising is here for. It is the method through which sponsored marketing messages or paid advertisements are used to get popular on social media. It makes your reach to your targeted audiences more easily and in a less time-consuming manner.
Paid social media advertising helps in;

  • Increases brand recognition
  • Growth of revenue of the brand
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Partnering with the best social media agency in Mohali


Are you worried about your social media strategies? Do you need some expert assistance? Well, here we are with the best guide and with the promise to provide you with the exceptional support that you need.

The world of social media is vast and you need to be correct at every step so to get a complete and satisfying result. It can go hectic if you are planning to do it alone. You need expert advice. We are here to share your work and give you the comfort to enjoy your revenue. We will do every for you to make sure that you receive the best return.

Content is certainly not a one-term job. You need to be regular with it. But before you create content you need to know your targeted audiences. You need to know what they are looking for. Moreover, you need to make a wise analysis of the keywords too. By running research we will help you in identifying your competitors, targeted audiences, and keywords as well. We measure the progress of your project and do take the necessary actions. You will be presented with monthly reports.

Our agency offers the best assistance to clients. You just need to hire us and we will make sure that you get the best result. We will keep you informed about the progress of your project.

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For the Best Social Media Marketing Services

Media Foster is one of the premium social media marketing services providers in Mohali. Serving in this industry for decades, we are equipped with the skill and the techniques that help us to assist clients with their social media tasks. We operate in a genuine way and help in getting the maximum revenue.

We have the greatest collections of experts who know how to identify your needs and hereby come out with the exact solutions. Here we operate following the instructions of the clients. And certainly helping you in every turns and twist.

Media Foster offer?
  • Authentic Support
  • The best and most dedicated team
  • Your Personal Project Manager
  • Easy to Contact Any Time
  • Keeping you informed about the process
  • A 360-Degree Social Media Marketing Solution
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Here are some of frequently asked questions about Social Media Marketing in Mohali

How do you know which is the ideal social media platform for your business?

Digital marketing is necessary for your business growth. You must know the social media platforms that are ideal for your growth. It is essential to work with a social media marketing company in Mohali that can help you with the channels that are best suited for your business. We will also assess your presence on social media and suggest suitable actions.

How can I engage with my audience on social media?

When you create appealing content, the audience's engagement rises as well. It will be a success for your company, and your investment in social media marketing will pay off. You must have the best blend of content to ensure that your content receives more impressions and reach. You have several options in social media, such as asking questions, running contests, hosting online chat shows, and so on. Media Foster is a premier agency in Mohali that can assist with social media strategies.

Can you increase awareness of my brand on social media?

Without a doubt. We are a leading social media marketing company in Mohali that can help you improve your social media presence. First, we evaluate your brand and develop social media marketing strategies based on your target market. We will create content that will increase audience engagement. We have worked with a number of clients in Mohali, and you can view a few case studies.

How much do your Social Media Service cost in Mohali?

We are social media experts, and our team will first learn about your company and evaluate the competition. Based on this, we will develop a social media strategy and seek your approval. Prices for services will be determined by the scope of work specified in the plan.

What are the advantages of hiring a social media agency?

Hiring a social media agency has several advantages, one of which is business marketing. An agency like ours promotes a company's products and services by devising successful strategies. They are committed to raising a brand's visibility across all social media platforms. The emphasis is on capturing visitors' attention and converting them into buyers or long-term customers.

What should you look for in a Mohali social media company?

When searching for a social media company, there are several factors to consider. Check to see if the company is reputable and well-known. They ought to be able to deeply understand their clients and collaborate with them as partners. And completely satisfy their client with their social media marketing services

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