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Media Foster invites you into the world of digital marketing, where everything gets planned in the finer way to give your brand its name. Standing as one of the Best digital marketing agencies in Mohali we claim to provide exceptional services and help you in making a loud noise in the market. There are several ways of making your reach possible for your targeted audiences. We always bring you a 360-degree solution to help you create your brand identity. Giving you support at every stage, we will help you have a firm grip on the world of digital marketing.

It is not uncanny to get confused with a lot of agencies claiming themselves to be the best. We know your dilemma of choosing the best for your brand. Well, nowadays, it has become easy to understand the genuineness and capability of a service provider. You need to do good research and look wisely. And in this digital world, you can take the help of the internet to know the operational process of an agency. You can read reviews about an agency that will help you understand their services in the finest way. Please check the reviews of Media Foster. We are famous in Tricity.



Do you wish to make your noise on the online media loud and clear? Media Foster can be of great help to you. We are one of the Best Digital Marketing Company in Mohali offering support at every step. Starting from scratch we will help you to establish your business as a brand on the online medium. Time has changed a lot. Nowadays, one would find more people on the online market than in the shop. Well, it is hard to deny that online medium has made life easy. One can go through a lot of stores without making any effort. Thus all you need is a computer and phone to go through your favorite store and shop. Additionally, there are a lot of options for one to look for on a storyline store. Thus the same seems to be impossible in an offline store. Last but not least you save a lot of your time wasted toward going to the store and shopping. With a click, you can get everything to your doorstep. And that is the reason why people have shown more interest in online agencies than in offline stores. No matter whether you hold a big business or a small one, you need to go with the trend. And the current trend always requests for your online presence. Well, some might think of doing their online promotions on their own. Is that possible? Certainly yes! But we doubt your success. Internet is a wise speaker. But you are not that much experienced to handle everything on your own. You need someone to handle the touch turns of digital marketing and take you to the highest point, making the noise that you wish to make.

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Digital Marketing
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Media Foster – Digital Marketing Service Provider

Media Foster is a renowned name in the Digital Marketing Company in Mohali. We are a digital and integrated creative agency holding the best experts in this industry. Not only in Mohali but we have our roots outside the city also. We have this crazy bunch of experts who always make the finest effort to help your brand reach its targeted audiences. We provide comprehensive as well as innovative brand communication solutions. Giving a better shape to your brand we make it come in front of the people whom you wish to attract.

Thinking who can do your job smartly and perfectly? Well, Media Foster is the name on whom you need to trust. We bring to you the perfect solution for your business. We serve as one of the agencies offering completely dedicated Digital Marketing Services in Mohali. We do the best research by using the finest and latest technologies and tools. Thus our services have always driven better sales conversions and revenues on the online platform.

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Social Media Optimization

SMO stands for social media optimization is the part of digital marketing where social media networks are being used to manage as well as grow the online presence and message of the organization. This strategy serves as one of the ways of connecting with customers. Well, it is also used to increase awareness about new services as well as products.
SMO is mainly of two types – Off-site SMO. .

On-site SMO
Off-site SMO.

There are many tactics through which one can implement the best SMO. You need to post the righteous content at the right time, make the best use of the right-sized images, and create your content keeping your audiences in mind. Don’t forget to use catchy captions and headlines. For a perfect SMO make sure that you add the best-fitted tags to your post. Media Foster has experts who can help you with SMO.


Website Design & Development

What do you mean by Web Designing? Is it just arranging photos and text to represent your brand? Well, that will never look good and neither will be enough to attract targeted audiences towards itself. You need someone expert who can help you in choosing the righteous content and photos and support you in making your website meaningful. Website designing involves the best blend of proficiency in aesthetic and technical ways.
Media Foster understands your needs and provides the best sources of design. Thus here we can teach you as well as design a website as per your need. Every business has different needs. So every two website needs to be different. We will understand your wants and design, as well as develop and maintain it. Such a website does attract consumers. It will help you in the generation of revenue for the e-commerce portal. We do provide support with responsive website design

Website Design & Development
Website Hosting & Maintenance
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Search Engine Optimization

As you step into the online market, the much-heard word is SEO. So what is it? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process through which you can get traffic from search results in search engines. SEO is done to optimize content relevance, technical configuration as well as link popularity of a website. A properly done SEO website is easy to find, popular, and more relevant to the search queries of the users. The result of the same will always help the website in ranking better in SERPs.
If you think that SEO is everything about a single task, well you are wrong. There are three types of SEO – On-page SEO, Off-page SEO, and technical SEO. You can either use one type or all three to improve the ranking of the page. The fundamental of search engine optimization is The 3 C’S concept – code, content, and credibility. How can proper SEO be implemented on a website? Media Foster is here to help you. Either you can take our course or hire us to make your website’s SEO. 

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On-page & Off Page SEO

Brand Marketing

What is brand building? Is it easy to build your brand on the online platform? What are the aspects on which you need to focus? Brand building is the process of using direct advertising campaigns for the purpose of boosting brand awareness. It focuses on promoting a specific product or service as well as establishing a connection with the targeted audiences. Brand building helps in increasing satisfaction and loyalty for the clients. You can increase the recognition of the brand by implementing the best brand-building process.  
What are the steps for building a brand with digital marketing? To start with, you need to know your customers and identify your leads. Secondly, you need to implement righteous SEO and SEM strategies. Maintain the pattern. You can’t keep it loose. You need to maintain consistency. The next has to be social listening. The next step in brand building is to provide the best customer support. You can’t ignore content creation. Last but not least website optimization is essential in brand building. Media Foster has always been the one who provides the perfect brand-building strategy for your organization.      

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Pay Per Click

PPC refers to the pay-per-click model of digital marketing. In this model, the advertiser will pay a fee every time the advertisement is clicked. Here, you need to pay the website owner on which you are advertising. PPC is also known as the cost-per-click (CPC) model. It is mainly offered by social networks and search engines. The success of this model is easy to track as well as measure. It also provides the most powerful as well as flexible targeting options.
PPC always depend on a number of test and trials. So there is always a large section of improvement present. PPC benefits in a lot of ways. But one of the largest benefits is its higher intent available among platforms. There are no time bindings which means that you can start and shut it anytime you need. Platforms available for PPC are Google Ads, and advertisements on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and many more. Media Foster holds the experience of operating in each of these platforms.


Video Marketing

What is Video Marketing? How video can be incorporated to ensure the growth of your brand? Come to us and we will give you a good concept of the same. It is always more effective when some visual effect is created. It acts righteously in the mind and ensures the best result. Video marketing is using videos for making people aware of your services as well as your products. It is the best way to promote as well as increase engagement.
Video marketing always acts wisely in increasing engagement for social as well as digital channels. It helps in educating your customers. Operating as the best medium for making people knowledgeable about your brand, video marketing can be done in various ways. It can be demo videos, event videos, interviews, animated videos, brand videos, and case study too. Now your digital marketing service provider can tell you what the best option for you is. So what are you looking for? Connect with Media Foster for a greater experience.

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Why do you need to choose us?

We have more than 200 clients who are extremely happy with our services.

Every brand comes with a new challenge to us and we love taking challenges.

We work as per the latest trend and innovations.

Our experts have earned a lot of experience by offering their services to more than 200 clients.

We work on tried and tested methods which always gives 100% satisfactory result to our clients.

Your account manager will be always by your side o help you in understanding the progress of your work.

We bring the best solution or your brand.




We know you have many questions in your mind regarding Digital Marketing. Here we, Media Foster, are to answer every frequently asked question of the clients. 

Why do I need to invest in SEO? 

You can't deny the fact that online is the new and the most popular marketplace. Being a businessman, you can't ignore it m order to survive in the race. Every business is showing up its performance on the online medium. And for the same, they do need a website. But that is not enough. You must immediately come into the view of your targeted customers before a thousand years. You need instant results. And that is where SEO comes into the scene. SEO or search engine optimization is the best way to make your website easily findable in the search engine queries of the users. SEO helps improve the website's rank to make it visible in the SERPs.    

How long will it take a website to rank in the SERP?

SEO is a campaign that involves many small and significant steps, and it requires everything needed to bring your brand into the limelight. Well, the same can only happen for a couple of hours. Indeed, time is necessary to make it approachable, attractive, and irresistible. Here, at Media Foster, we ask for a minimum of 3 months to make it visible. But our previous record shows we have yielded outstanding results in a couple of months. You can always talk with our executives, who will estimate the time. But you can stay assured that we have never crossed that tie limit and will never do so in your case.   

Would my company benefit from digital marketing?

Media Foster has always witnessed company getting benefitted through digital marketing services. But the result certainly depends on the type of services you provide. The marketplace has moved from offline to online. In a survey, it is said that 70% of human beings are in the online market. So you really can't avoid it. You need to understand that both your customers and competitors are online. Your brand can compete on a global scale. And can target your ideal customers more wisely. Moreover, it is possible to give your customers a chance to understand your brand personally, creating loyalty and community for the brand. When you are ready to compete on a large scale, we are here to support you.     

What keywords are perfect for my business?

What keywords are perfect for my business? Well, that ideally depends on the business you are running. Here at Media Foster, we have experts who will understand your ants and, using various tools, will compile the best keywords for your business. So, you need to come to us to know about your keywords.


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