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Is it worth investing in Search Engine Optimization? Why did you need to invest in SEO? The term SEO or Search Engine Optimization might stand a new word for you. But it is certainly not something unknown in the online world. Rather it won’t be wrong to say that it is the invincible part of digital marketing. SEO refers to the process of helping a website or content to rank high on SERPs. SEO drive traffic organically. SEO helps in increasing the visibility of the website for your services and products. Media Foster provides SEO services that help towards the position of your website on search engine result pages.            

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Ranked amongst the top Search Engine Optimization (SEO) companies in Mohali, we help you to improve your website visibility and increase its traffic organically with our SEO strategy.


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A detailed analysis of your website ranging from design elements to speed analysis all the way to your content strategy is performed to highlight the site issues which are then addressed by specific team members of our SEO Agency in Mohali to ensure maximum visibility of your content.

Competitor Analysis

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We conduct a thorough competitor analysis in order to determine your brand's performance in comparison to the competition, paving the way for new marketing opportunities. The team of experts at our SEO Company in Mohali will assist you in reverse-engineering their strategies in order to gain a competitive advantage over them.

Organic Ranking

Ours is the best SEO company where the team will provide long-term organic search engine optimization for your website. We use cutting-edge SEO strategies to keep your website fresh, exciting, and up to date in accordance with Google's algorithm, making your content pop again and again.

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Targeted Approach

Your website should only rank for relevant keywords; otherwise, the traffic you generate will bounce back, reducing your organic reach. Our team through their SEO services ensures that your content is seen by people who are looking for your services rather than by random visitors.

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Our Search Engine Optimization
(SEO) Services

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Identifying the keywords

Keywords are the ones through which your potential clients search you. So, we make sure that we do make the effort in identifying and implementing the righteous keyword in your website. Well, usage of the relevant keywords always acts as the rank booster. We use high-tech tools to analyze the keywords. And there are experts in our agency who are experienced in applying the same in your website.

Thinking about what is necessary for content in a website? Well, content is the key in Digital marketing. Keywords are inserted in the contents so that your website comes up in every search. Media Foster has experts who can help you in creating high-quality content. Moreover, there are experts who can help in optimizing the content for the search engines.

Using the best keyword research tools to optimise website content
Write relevant content for enhanced conversions
Get insights into the latest marketing trends

Link building

Link can always play a magical role in bringing your site to the top search list. But usage of the perfect link in the perfect place is essential. And that is exactly what our experts can do for you.

Enhance link juice through quality backlinks
Connect with high authority players in your niche
Have a continuous source of relevant traffic

Business Profile Listings

Certain industries are required to specialize in geo-specific services. A group of experts at our SEO agency in Mohali will conduct competitive research and compile a list of long-tail keywords. Our local SEO services will also assist you in developing a portfolio of top-tier directory listings for your local business.

Citation building with experts to increase visitors
Optimise your site for local search engine and enhance visibility
Build trust in your local business to increase footprints

Conversion Rate Optimisation

We ensure that your SEO strategy curated by our SEO company in Mohali aids in the optimization of your company's conversion rate. It is critical to ensure that landing pages are optimized for increased conversions and consistent messaging across all media.

Improve your understanding of your audience with the help of our SEO services
Improve customer lifetime value through personalised experiences
Onboard more customers at lower acquisition costs
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Monthly Reports

We believe that the KPIs established in collaboration with our service users must be monitored on a regular basis. The dedicated staff at our SEO agency in Mohali can retrieve the necessary information and generate informative reports. It will provide critical insights to the team and allow them to make necessary changes to the overall SEO strategy in order for the website to rank on the first page of search engines.

Regularly monitor the KPIs.
Tweak your marketing strategies to suit your business
Make informed decisions about your communication messages

Our Case Studies

We have a wealth of experience in improving search rankings for all of our clients. Would you like to know how we assisted leaders in your industry in improving their rankings?
Our Search Engine Optimization outcomes speak for themselves.

We have a few case studies to share with you!

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Get the finest Search Engine Optimization services from Media Foster

What is Search Engine Optimization? How it is essential for your business? When you are new in this industry, you hold a lot of thoughts. Well, there are a bunch of queries that always disturbs you. Here we are to answer your queries about SEO or Search engine optimization.
To answer first, what is SEO or search engine optimization? SEO or search engine optimization refers to the process of getting free traffic from different results of searches in the search engine. The search can be free, editorial, or organic and natural. Why is SEO important? Well, more people tend to view your website link when it is placed in the top position of a search. And that is what SEO does for you.
A rightful SEO implemented on your website always improves the position of your website in the result pages of the search engine. SEO can be paid or organic. It depends on you whether you wish to choose paid or organic searches. Well, we always take suggestions from our clients whether they wish o go with paid or organic searches. When clients are in a hurry to get their website rated at the top level they always go for the paid ones. Organic SEO is free and thus takes a lot mahout of time to show the result.

Call +91 9988444420 for SEO with 2000+ Keywords, City & Country wise SEO

Millions of searches are happening every second on internet. Get your business found online, when users search for your products or services. Keyword optimization in your website + off page SEO to ensure ranking in top 10.

Does your website rank in top 10, when users search for your products or services on Google? Drive traffic on your website through dedicated SEO services by Media Foster - experts that ensure results. Seeing is believing so first see results achieved by our seo team and then handover your project to generate similar results.

Why Clients Like Our Company

Media Foster has always been the best in providing SEO services in Mohali. We do have the experts who help you in getting to the front page of the search results in the Search engine.

  • SEO friendly domain suggestion
  • Keyword research & competitor analysis
  • SEO friendly content writing
  • Complete On Page Optimization
  • Link building through directory submissions, social bookmarking etc
  • Social media optimization
  • City wise, state wise & country wise promotion

SEO boosts the ranking of your website

Are you new in this vast digital world and don’t know what to do with your newly designed website? Firstly you need to know that no website makes its introductory impression on the first page of the search engine Google. And it mostly doesn’t matter if you have got your place on the second page or whatsoever. Most users or customers choose their services or products from the first page only. So to make a worthy income you need to be on the first page of search engine results. But is that so easy? There are thousands of websites in the race. And it would get tough when you have entered the race without any support or expertise skills.

Understand the necessity

A proper SEO always acts wisely toward getting traffic through free, natural, organic, and editorial results in search engines. SEO is essential when you wish to create awareness for your brand in the long term. It does help in increasing the number of targeted audiences and in the generation of more revenue. When your website stands on the first page of the SERP, the chances of getting clicked increase. And it enhances converting your targeted audiences into potential customers. SEO helps in building credibility and trust for the brand. It will also help you in understanding the needs of your targeted audiences and thus you can redefine your service and product accordingly.

Know the SEO process

It is always about the user experience. How does one start implementing the best SEO for their Business? It is everything about identifying the competitors as well as the keywords. Here at Media Foster, we always take the first step first and do create the plan essential for the project implementation. We look more into the creation of content by inserting the right keyword in the correct place. This approach of ours always increases consumer reach.

Connect with Media Foster

Media Foster holds the best executives who will assist you in getting the best result through SEO. Thus we work toward ensuring that you get a worthy return on your investment. Before taking our service, you can come for a free consultation. We will give you an estimation of your taste. Also, a monthly report will be provided once we start working on your brand building. Moreover, you will receive 24 x 7 support from us.


Deliver RoI for Client

As the best SEO company, we start relationships by learning about our clients' goals and objectives. It assists us in developing an overall SEO strategy that can reflect these objectives.

Our expertise

We are the best SEO company in the UAE with experience in a variety of industries.
The team must understand your objectives and begin working toward them on the first day.

Dedicated Relationship Manager

For each of our relationships, we appoint a dedicated relationship manager. The individual has prior experience in your industry and will be accountable for meeting the mutually agreed-upon objectives.
Online Reporting

Online Reporting 24/7

We believe in complete transparency in our relationships. There is a mechanism in place that allows your team to access SEO reports in real-time.

Periodic meetings with team

The ideas of both teams must be in sync to reach the end objectives. Towards this end, our SEO agency in Mohali conducts periodic meetings with your team to ensure that the KPIs are met.
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We believe in delivering conversions for our clients as the best SEO company. Our SEO strategies are tailored specifically to you. We make your payment plan as simple and affordable as possible.

See Our SEO Process!

Below is a typical task timeline of an SEO project. For more details see our How It Works page.

Keyword Research Document


You must understand your audience's search patterns in order to find the best keywords. The experts at our SEO company in Mohali conduct keyword research by surveying the SERP landscape and using multiple criteria to select those that are relevant to your industry.



Before you think about optimizing your website for SEO, you should conduct a website audit. We are the best SEO company in Mohali, and our experts have developed a set of parameters that will be used to evaluate your website. It will assist you in fine-tuning your SEO strategies and making necessary changes to your website content.



A solid content strategy is required to write quality blog posts that will entice new visitors and keep them on the site. Ours is the best SEO company where the experts can assist you in developing a customized content strategy that includes engaging content that is optimized with relevant keywords.



The content plan covers only the topics that are interesting to your target audience. After conducting extensive industry research and inserting the necessary backlinks, the team of experienced bloggers at our SEO Agency in Mohali creates optimized content. We cover both visual and written content and ensure that it reaches your target audience.

Promotional Content


You must also have a strong presence on social media. Our SEO company in Mohali can collaborate with you to create visually appealing infographics, social media posts, and informative videos to help you reach your target audience.

Weekly Activity Sheets


We are the best SEO company in Mohali, and we value transparency in all of our client relationships. All of our project teams are governed by globally accepted best practices. At regular intervals, you will receive a report on all of the activities performed for you during this time.

Weekly Ranking Sheets


Ranking reports must be generated at predetermined intervals. The report will assist us in comprehending website traffic, bounce rate, and conversion data. This will allow the team to assess the effectiveness of the activities for the targeted keywords.

Completion Report


Our SEO team provides the best SEO services among which a comprehensive report with an overview of the KPIs' performance at the end of every month. The report will help us understand website traffic, bounce rate, and conversion information. It will help both teams to make informed decisions about any required tweaks in the incumbent SEO plan

Keyword Research Document


You must understand the search patterns of your audience that will help in searching for the ideal keywords. Our experts undertake keyword research by surveying the SERP landscape and use multiple criteria to choose those that suit your industry.



Before thinking about optimizing your website for SEO, you must undertake a website audit. We are a premier SEO company in Mohali and our experts have created a set of parameters against which your website will be evaluated. It will help you to fine-tune your SEO strategies and make suitable changes in the website content.

Content Plan


Having a robust content plan is necessary to write quality blog posts that will entice new visitors and keep them on the site. Our experts can help to devise a customised content plan covering engaging content optimised with the relevant keywords.

Content Creation


Only those topics that appeal to your audience is covered in the content plan. Our team of experienced bloggers create optimised content after thorough industry research and inserting requisite backlinks. We cover both visual as well as written content and ensure that they reach your audience.



Our SEO team provides a comprehensive report with an overview of the KPIs' performance at the end of every month. The report will help us understand website traffic, bounce rate and conversion information. It will help both teams to make informed decisions about any required tweaks in the incumbent SEO plan.




Here are some of frequently asked questions about Search Engine Optimization in Mohali 

Is SEO for mobile important?

Taking note of the increasing usage demand of portable devices such as mobile, any business needs to count mobile SEO as an option. Nowadays, most customers are available only mainly on their mobile. With a click, they make excellent purchases, and you should not lose such customers. And for the same, mobile SEO is essential.

How often do my website and SEO need to be updated?

Well, you can't change the entire look of your website every couple of months. So, make sure you take expert advice before creating your website. Media Foster can help you create the best website to serve your needs. But you can undoubtedly add blogs twice a month to stay in front of your targeted audiences, and search engine prefers updating the website with blogs. Here at Media Foster, we run many strategies and change them to find the best-suited one. So, your SEO strategy may change or not after every month or two.

How can I improve mobile SEO?

Focus on the following:
1. Improve the speed of the site
2. Give your users the joy of visiting your website
3. Make a responsive site
4. Do not use pop-ups
5. Make sure your viewport is correct.
6. Use structured data

For how long should a company invest in SEO to see results?

SEO is a crucial element of any business strategy. Typically, it takes a few months to see outcomes. Results are obtained in 3 to 6 months.

What types of industries do we work in?

Ours is the best SEO company that deals with a wide variety of industries, including healthcare, e-commerce, real estate, automobiles, IT, education, law, financial services, and fast-moving consumer goods. We also offer SEO services to government agencies and non-profit organizations.

What is local SEO?

Local SEO refers to search engine optimization when in real-time, the targeted audiences for your business are searching near them. The local search involves locations.

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