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The online market is huge. Do not go for counting the sure kilometers as it can take you for a world tour. So how can your targeted audiences know you or reach you? They might hear your name but unless and until you hold a face nothing stand to be worthy enough. You need a face on the online market that will help you in connecting with your audiences. Moreover, you need something through which your targeted audiences can know more about you, your services, or your products. That is where Web development and designing enter. Giving a face to your business will act wisely toward engaging and building trust for your business.

Our Web Design Services

Your website is your primary means of communication with your audience. A beautiful and affordable web design can help to enhance your online presence and improve your brand equity. We are a pioneer web design and development company in Mohali. Our in-house web design experts have immense experience in the web design of some of the best companies in Mohali and ensuring the maintenance of the websites.

We are experienced in web design and web development in several languages like WordPress, Magento, OpenCart, Shopify, PHP, Laravel, Node.js etc.
Our team can create a dynamic & scalable website in a short time.

We create pioneering web design experiences.

Does the name seem to be critical? Don’t know how to handle it? Well here are the best experts enabling the best practices to help you and give you a perfect solution. UI or User Interface is the through which a user can establish an engagement with the service or the product. UI is a collection of visual elements, screens, and pages. On the other hand, User Experience or UX is referred to as the reaction of the person to each of the components of the services and the goods of the company. Term UI/UX can be complicated a little bit but not with us.

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We create scalable and interactive websites

Nothing is possible without a dedicated website for your company. It is a bunch of work that focuses on developing a website to display on the internet. Well, you can book us for a simple or say page website or can hire us to design a complex multipage website too. Website development is not about just designing. It associates identifying the need of the clients, designing the website, reviewing it, developing the website, taking the website through multiple tests, and ultimately launching it. You can certainly trust us for solving all your issues and get a 100% satisfactory solution.

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Switch to next-gen technologies

Everyone loves to run their world at their fingertips. Whether it is shopping or taking any services, one always looks for his mobile. And when you are in the online market, you can’t decline the need for mobile. Website designed for the desktop or laptop will not work appropriately on mobile. So while developing a website you need to keep in mind that your website is mobile responsive. You need to design a mobile application for your website to reach perfectly o your targeted customers. Media Foster always stays by the side of the clients providing a 360-degree development solution for your website.

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We not only build you websites, We maintain them.

Do you think that your work has ended by designing a website that runs on desktop as well as mobile? Yes… Then you are wrong. Well from here your actual work starts. A website can break down at any time. It is not uncanny to have some unwanted errors during its working. Well, you can leave it like that. You can give us the contact of fixes and maintenance. We are here to check your website from time to time ensuring that an error is fixed the moment it appears. We will never let your business go down. Rather we will fix your website before it gets noticed.

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Robust shopping workflows with pioneering features

What is your purpose for creating a website? Do you wish to buy as well as sell products online? Well, you need an E-Commerce website designing solution. Such website designing needs a perfect plan, choosing the correct e-commerce platform, and then creating the budget. You need to purchase the domain as well as ensure that the righteous template is used and the product selection needs are perfect. Also, you need to check on the shipping details. And last, but not least you need to have a protected payment option ensuring the safety of your clients as well as yours. E-Commerce website designing can be tough but not for us.

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Create a Visual Response

Web development and designing are related to the working of the website. Web development is everything about how your website needs to look. On the other side, web development is about determining how your website needs to function. Web designers are mainly dedicated to creating a story for your brand and portraying it through the website. It is everything about creating a visual response. A website designed by a good designer always stands as a high-performing tool for marketing your business. You need to have a website when you are ready to give a story to your site or business.

Know the Essential

There are three types of Web Designing based on your business needs. You need to choose between static dynamic and eCommerce sites. The 5 components of web design are readable typography, content that is greatly in demand, inserting responsive images, a good call to action, and user experience for both desktop and mobile. Both Web development and designing focus on determining the project goal and using one’s dream to create the most effective website for your business needs. For better work, you need to choose the right image both in terms of size and clarity so to make your website look more attractive. Additionally, you need to choose the righteous content that speaks for your business.      

Understanding the aftermath

If you think that creating a website is just the end of your work then you are wrong dear. There is still much left to be done. So you need to maintain the website and track its progress. You need to check whether your created website is giving you the desired result or not. If it fails then you need to make the necessary changes. So, you need to monitor the website and do include content from time to time so that it always stays in the focus of your targeted audiences.

Connect with Media Foster

Media Foster is one of the best services provided for Web development and design. We are here to define your thoughts through a webpage. No matter what type of business you run you can always trust us for a greater result. We always take notes from clients and involve them in our work so that we develop something that stays connected with their hearts. Call us



Here are some of frequently asked questions about Website Development in Mohali

Which web design platform is best for any business?

Before the team starts the web development process, it is essential to finalise the web design platform. During the selection process, you must consider the overall plans and objectives from the website. Some of the crucial criteria include ease of use and the associated features. Security features are also one of the critical factors to consider. We are a renowned web design company in Mohali and have been an automatic choice when businesses start looking for a web development company. Our experts will guide you the right platform based on your end requriements.

How much time will it take for your website design experts to develop a website?

It is essential to note that the timeline for web design development depends on the features involved and the interfaces you need on the website. It can take anywhere between 1 month to 3 months to develop your website. Our experts undertake exhaustive meetings with you to understand your requirements. The features we have to include in the website are finalised, and the timelines are dependent on them. The more complex the website, the more time will it take.

Will the website be set up for SEO?

What we provide is a full service that ensures that the visibility of the website is enhanced. The design and development of the website are carried by removing unnecessary code and keeping in mind the SEO best practices. Our web design ensures that all aspects of SEO are considered and optimised accordingly. However SEO has a very vast scope in itself and acts as separate service. We have an integrated SEO team, and they are the masters when it comes to ensuring your website ranks high during a keyword search.

Can I fix my old website?

It is not only about having a creative web design. The website technology must support your requirement. We must assess whether the website meets global standards. If there are some gaps in the design, it is suggested that you redesign the website. Our capable web developers can help you create a new design for the website and make it feature-rich.


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